Post 13. Does Lou Remember Me

 Does the Soul Remember
He loves me
He loves me not
He loves me …

With their first crush, children everywhere repeat this chant as they liberate the silky petals from a daisy. 
I find myself wondering whether Lou even remembers me. Others tell me their loved ones reach them through death to remind them of their love, often in unique ways. Something out of place on the bedside table. A rose left on the front porch. The sense of being watched. The feeling of a kiss on the cheek. Me? Nothing so much as a tap on my shoulder!
I have not received signs from Lou. Why hasn’t he reached out to me? I’m waiting. Doesn’t he hear the cry from my heart?
My philosophical question is this: DOES THE SOUL REMEMBER? Does Lou have memory of his life on earth? Does he remember anything from his earthly mantle? If Lou remembers his life, then I know he loves me still. If he doesn’t remember his life, then I’m lost to him. That thought saddens me unbearably.  I need an answer!
As you may guess, I’m not a religious person, though I consider myself spiritual. 
Religions around the world generally conclude that when the soul moves on, it takes with it a lifetime of accumulated memories and experiences. Can we empirically prove that? 
So here I am… wondering
He loves me.
He loves me not.
He loves me?
Do you know? Please share your thoughts with me.

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