POST 32. Mother Nature, April 11, 2024

The Real Mother Nature


watercolor by Elaine


Everybody loves Spring. Colorful flowers miraculously pop out of the ground! Tree buds burst open as if on cue. Birdsong fills the air with joyful music. The sun becomes bright and warm. Grass turns to a lush green. A fragrant scent hangs in the air.




I forgot to mention that there are a few negatives when it comes to Mother Nature. Floods. Hurricanes. Wildfires. Locusts. Toenail fungus. Oops, erase, especially toenail fungus.


News Alert: Spring comes with a lot of work!


Unbelievable as it is, some people like all the work that comes with Spring. 

Not me! Those vegetable gardens, for instance. I have to dig in the dirt to plant them. Then fertilize. Oh, don’t forget about those hot summer days when when I have to lug that 100 foot hose so I can water all those tasty veggies. Impossible!  Erase!


Spring is also the time for planting your  flower pots and flower beds. 

Yet Spring is prime time for me to sweat profusely as  I dig in the dirt where all the slugs and nasty beetles lurk. To boot, I could easily injure my ACL while digging, requiring surgery and rehab. There goes Spring planting season! There will be no beautiful blooms at my house! Perhaps planting requires more thought. Erase the whole thing! 


watercolor by Elaine

Do you love your trees? 

Then Spring is the perfect time that I should trim overgrown shrubbery and the trees that encroach on my  neighbor’s yard. Or else those low hanging limbs will behead my neighbor as she mows the grass. Yikes, strike that … quite un neighborly!

watercolor by Elaine



Birdsong announces Spring! 

I sit outside and record their tunes. However, it takes work for me to fill the water baths and all the feeders. I have to repeat the process almost daily! My cousin gave me a cool camera bird feeder that is supposed to send bird photos to my cell phone, but I  can’t get the darned thing to work. It takes photos of me fiddling with it, but it has yet to take even one picture of a bird. I like the part where I sit out on the patio listening to the birds. Might need to erase the rest.


Then there’s the warm, bright sun tat comes with Spring. 

it invites me to bask in its glory. I accept! Headache and sunburn result. Though there is no work involved in caring for the sun, I just need to erase the baking!


watercolor by Elaine

Every Spring, grass awakens from its winter nap. So beautiful with a sweet smell. 

But forget that. The sweet smell and vibrant color come with a cost … mowing. Once would be fine, but I have to repeat the process every week, into the Fall! This chore is scheduled for erasure as well!


The fresh fragrances of Spring waft on the breeze. So pleasant. 

For about 10 minutes perhaps. Then my eyes itch and tear up. My nose runs. Sneezes wrack my body. Mother Nature at her best? Erase!




As much as I love all the benefits of Mother Nature, I really want you to know the truth. Caring for her is really laborious! And I am clearly labor-averse!

MOTHER NATURE watercolor by Elaine 


Solution: When it comes to your backyard, hire a gardener!


This post was clearly written tongue in cheek. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you did! love hearing from you! 

 I’m listening!



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