POST 31 April 5, 2024

 The Blank Page and the Writer


The pen awaits. The paper awaits. I’m the writer, and I sit in my comfortable chair, listening to the pounding rain on the window.


 And I wait …  for a word to appear. 


I stare at the virgin paper.


It stares back at me. 


It taunts me.


It begs. 


It cries my name.


After a day of playing this game, it stops.


Silence is heavy.


It still stares at me!


For a long time, the blank page and I struggle for a word. Any word. 

Who will go first?


The feud goes on for days.


Finally, I break the silence, “It’s the rain! We are stuck in the muddy muck, dripping wet!


We can’t write …  the words will drip off the

The weir and the page walk together in the rain … by Elaine

Silence reigns again! 


Oh, goodness! REIGNS in the rain! I created a homophone! Being literary, the blank paper begins to roar with laughter. 


The silence is broken, and the partnership begins anew! 

And by next week, the blank page and I will have another story!

Spring will surely return
after a cold, rainy week
Watercolor by Elaine

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