My Story

After 43 years of teaching gifted children of all ages, I retired when I was just shy of 65 years old. It was a difficult transition, so I kept one foot in “active duty” for several years.

My husband and I used the time to enjoy our friends’ children, as we had none of our own. We also traveled the US, falling in love with small ship cruising.

We continued to delight in our backyard and spent many happy hours there alone or with our friends, even after Lou became seriously ill in 2018. I cared for him for the last 3 years of our 51 years together.

He died in 2021 at Christmas time.  I struggled through winter til Spring came, watching the snow fall on the chairs in our secluded garden spot.

 Now where there had been two sitting in the shade of the twisted branches, I sit alone, longing for him.

This blog is the story of my journey from grief and despair to healing and resilience. I hope we find comfort as we share our tears and joys in this blog.


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