Name That Town May 24, 2024


If you are thinking of a vacation close to home, there is a very nice one little more than an hour away, via beautiful Pennsylvania winding roads. This historic town is surrounded by mountains that roll into one another.
Waterfalls. Hiking and biking trails, some steep and rugged, others paved and flat.

Hawk Falls

Our form of hiking requires walkers!

Camping and, yes, glamping, too! There are several state parks nearby where you can camp, fish, swim, kayak, and boat.
A train ride in a dome car rumbles over a beautiful gorge.
High adventure down white-water rapids or zip line through steeply rolling mountains.
Culture as well. The MC Museum. An old jail that tells the history of the town on its walls and in its cells. The Victor Stabin Museum. The cathedral full of stained-glass windows created by the famed artist, Charles LewisTiffany. Let’s not forget the Opera House!

A YMCA that is now an elegant hotel rests in the heart of Broadway.
A gorgeous mansion that is now a B&B treats its guests to an excellent Murder Mystery every Saturday.


Also, there is a grand old hotel that serves the best rack of lamb in its restaurant! And more.

Don’t look outside of town for accommodations, you will find mostly black bear dens. True. They turned up on our deck 3 times during our remote stay in a cabin 10 miles out of town.

Please, let’s not forget all the shops in town, from antiques to a print shop, pottery, and a myriad of goods.
Interested in a wine trolley experience? But only on summer weekends. Sadly, we missed out!
Then, of course, just to top things off, there is a famed athlete buried just outside of town. Some still consider him to be the greatest athlete of all time!

One more thing, if you are looking for a grocery store, other than the one in town, forget it!
Please write me if you know the name of this vacation spot!
I’m listening!

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