POST34. My Ducks Are Not in a Row April 27, 2024

My Ducks Are 

Not in a Row!


In fact, I worry I may have lost quite a few over the years.

watercolor by Elaine

Even as a child, I was disorganized. I always used the “pile it” method. I stacked things all over my desk, on chairs, and sometimes on the floor. Can you picture it?


I had a big bed, so most of my clothes were placed not so neatly on the other side of the bed. Messy but functional.


My brother had a unique method for storing his clothes so they wouldn’t get creased … under the mattress!


My bad habits followed me through high school into college. Because I had a neatnik roommate, I

had to find a way to appear organized… I stuffed everything in desk drawers and in boxes under the bed. I was learning.


It was in college that the school psychologist told me about Left Brain/Right Brain Theory after administering the Stanford-Binet IQ test.


According to the theory, the left brain is where you store executive functions 

(organizational skills) and analytical skills as well.


The left side is where skilled musicians abide. Music, you see, music is mathematical and logical.

Ironically, though, composers and jazz musicians live on the right, creative side.

Additionally, right brained people are more emotional, verbal, and intuitive. Sadly, they are not very organized.


And so it goes … engineers, programmers, etc are left-brained. They are less emotional, less verbal, yet very organized.


I’m over-simplifying, but I hope this makes sense. Think left as organized and focused …right as creative and not very organized.


So which is better? Left brained or right brained?




Solution: keep one foot in the left brain and the other in the right; however, while you can learn left brain skills, you cannot really learn right brain skills.


Sorry about that! Learn to play to your personal preferences, style, and strengths instead!


When I started developing programs that played to the strengths of my high school gifted students, I realized I had to do so for myself as well. For me, that meant delving into my left side.


Example, I taught to keep 5X7 file cards for instant access to my students’ info. The cards were in a small metal file box on my desk. The box had alphabet card dividers which I used. Behind the “A” card, I placed the “A” student name cards. But the cards were not placed in alphabetical order within the “A’s.” But I was learning!


You can organize food in cupboards and fridge by color coding if that suits you …  for example, fresh peppers in one drawer and salad stuff in another.


watercolor by  Elaine

Organize other items in your home to your preference or style or by category. Books. Science fiction, thrillers, fantasy, etc. or by height, or by color for that artistic flair.

watercolor by Elaine

Spices by alphabet perhaps if you are super organized. Not me! My compromise is a bin for baking, another for herbs, and yet another for spices. 


Clothes can be organized by matching color, by size, by old or new, or by season. The best I can do is to arrane my clothing

By season.


The rooms in my house are loosely organized by color.


Learning to develop left brain organizational skills is necessary for life. Perhaps you already have, in varying degrees.


What’s your style?


I’m listening!


I’d really like to hear from you!

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