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I remember being about 6 years old, sitting for hours on the living room floor, cutting and cutting. Paper hearts. Lots of paper hearts on plain white paper. I decorated them using crayons. What took the longest was carefully penning the names of my classmates. It really was an afternoon of pleasure. Valentine cards, candy, gifts, and flowers make people happy!


So, what is happiness? 


Perhaps it is emotional well-being and contentment, like a mother nursing an infant, a child in its father’s arms listening to a favorite story, being absorbed in the flames in the fireplace, afterglow in a lover’s arms, walking through the park listening to the birds and children at play, attending church immersed in a glorious moment of spirituality that wraps you in its arms, and so much more. Seek contentment.You’ll find it in your heart.

Lou with friend’s baby 3 years ago

“Contentment alone is the best way to happiness. Therefore, find


Swami Sivananda


Some describe happiness as working to make the most out of life, holding on to the big moments of life with wonder and joy, like marriage and career… accomplishment. Or the small things in life like a walk on the beach, digging in the garden, never mindful of the dirt under your fingernails!     


“The pleasure which we most rarely experience gives us greatest delight.” ― Epictetus


Others put doing meaningful things on the highest level of happiness. My cousin takes elderly people shopping or out for errands.  Another friend’s church sponsors an annual trip to Appalachia to bring much needed supplies or to build homes. For me, teaching was the most meaningful thing I ever did.  My absolute devotion to my students brought me the greatest happiness in my life. It was the font of creativity… it fed my soul.  Perhaps a nurse feels that urge to give back, or a fireman. a soldier, police officer...


at a Future Problem Solving competition, while on a break, my students decided to dress me up!

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.” ― Andrew Carnegie    


Don’t forget the happiness that comes from having fun. At my age, it no longer means visiting wine bars. I’m more inclined to enjoy an afternoon at Longwood Gardens or a play at People’s Light and Theater or play Progressive Rummy at a friend’s house!  Also, stepping out for lunch or dinner with a friend is great fun for me. A weekend B&B is pure delight as well. And let’s not forget sailing, playing street hockey, baseball, swimming, jogging, and travel adventures.

You get a new opportunity every morning to become a happier version of yourself.”-anonymous 


As kids, we made our own fun! There were many times when we went sledding down a steep hill to fly over the creek… or into it! Our clothes froze to our bodies. Oh, but it was such fun!


Another time at grandpop’s farm, we climbed up the steep roof of the calf barn and were targeted by a swarm of angry hornets as we leapt into a huge hay mound. What a fun, if slightly painful, adventure!


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss



I’m listening! Tell me what brings you happiness!









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